3 Amazing Superfoods That Boost Your Weight Loss

Losing weight requires more than just cutting down on the foods that pack on the excess fat. You need to eat the foods that can help your body burn away the fat as well. There are a number of “superfoods” that provide healthy nutrition, jump-start your metabolism and help burn away the fat from the body.

What follow are 3 “superfoods” that are actually quite common, inexpensive and relatively easy to prepare. You can supplement your diet with these three foods to help jump-start your metabolism, lower insulin levels in the body and burn more calories to boot.


This is one of the best foods for jump starting your metabolism. Oatmeal is rich is fat soluble fiber which means it requires a lot of energy or calories to break down. Eating oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to boost your metabolism, burn away the fat, reduce your bad cholesterol levels and even reduce your risk of heart disease.

While oatmeal is the perfect breakfast food, you can add it to your diet anytime to provide a filling substance that gets your body to burn away the calories.


Grapefruit is a very popular diet food for a very good reason. Many studies have indicated that grapefruit reduces the levels in insulin in the body. A lower insulin level means that your body does not store as much fat and burns away more calories in the process.

Plus, you process food more quickly through your body and efficiently as well. Grapefruit is the perfect food to augment your breakfast or eat anytime to keep your body working at full efficiency. Plus, you can use grapefruit as a substitute for sugary snacks to keep your weight in check.

Lean Meats

Lean meats such as turkey and chicken for example are very high in protein without nearly as much fat as found in beef. Proteins take much longer to digest than carbohydrates and they take burn a lot more calories in the digestive process as well.

However, the best use of proteins as found in lean meats is that they build up lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle in your body the more calories that you will burn during the day. This is very important to those who are on a resistance exercise program as the muscle-building ability of lean proteins can help bolster your body’s ability to burn away the calories.

My Conclusion

In addition to these 3 superfoods, you can also augment your diet with other lean proteins as found in salmon and tuna, burn away more calories with hot peppers, boost your metabolism with green tea, add more calcium to your diet with broccoli which also helps burn away the calories.

Utilizing these superfoods in your diet will help you lose weight much more rapidly and efficiently. Plus, continuing to include them in your diet after you have lost the excess weight will keep your waistline trim and your body from gaining back the weight.